Quality Assurance and Testing

Several testing is possible

X-Ray examination ASME VIII, DIV1, UW-51 / EN10246-10
Hardness testing NACE MR0175 / NACE MR0103 / EN ISO6506-1 / ISO15156 / ASTM E10
Liquid dye penetrant testing ASTM E165 / EN10246-11
Ultrasonic testing ASTM E213 / ASTM A999 / ASTM A388 / ASTM A578 / EN10246-6 / EN10246-7
Eddy current testing ASTM E426 / ASTM A999 / EN10246-2 / EN10246-3
Hydrostatic testing ASTM A999 / EN10246
Mechanical testing ASTM A370
Chemical analysis ASTM A751
Tension test / Tensile testing ASTM A370 / ASTM E21
Flaring test ASTM A999 / EN10216-5
Flattening test ASTM A999 / EN10216-5
Grain size test ASTM E112
Microstructure examination ASTM E562
Macroscopic examination
Intergranular corrosion testing (IGC) ASTM A262 practice E / EN ISO3651-2 Method A / ASTM G48
Huey Test ASTM A262 practice C
Oxalic Acid Etch Test ASTM A262 practice A
PMI Spectrum analysis (Positive material identification) Niton / Spectro
Ferrite testing (max. 3% on the weld / base material) Feritscope MP30
Impact testing at room temperature or -196°C ASTM A370 / ASTM E23 / EN10045-1
Roughness examination / Rugosity Mitutoyo
Visual inspection
Dimensional inspection
Ring gage check
Go no go check
Metallurgical tests
Sulphur/carbon analyses
Magnetic particle examination
Heat treatment diagrams
Stabilizing heat treatment
Special mechanical properties
NORSOK requirements
MESC requirements
Certificate EN10204/3.1 and EN10204/3.2
And many more …

PMI with Spectro

PMI with Niton hand gun

PMI results Niton hand gun

Special heat treatment (stabilizing heat treatment) on elbows of 24” SCH XXS in 321H

Ultrasonic wall thickness measurement

Ultrasonic testing of seamless pipes

Flattening test on test piece of 24’’ seamless pipe

IQI on X-Ray films

Sharpy impact testing

Tensile testing

Microscopic examination (200 x enlarged) on duplex 1.4462 pipes

Dye penetrant investigation on 36’’ 300 lbs RTJ blind flanges

Intergranular corrosion testing

Ultrasonic testing on 24’’ 150 lbs blind flange

Packing can be in prefumigated boxes as per IPCC